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    Manufacturer of printing inks

    Paper adhesives and varnishes

About company

We are pleased to invite you to join our business partners. We guarantee that mutual cooperation will be satisfactory and profitable for you.



Our company's products, thanks to the use of ingredients from leading brands, are of extremely high quality. Thanks to this, we gain new, satisfied business partners every day. At present, we have many regular customers who recommend our products with pleasure. Private clients and large customers are offered free consultancy, professional and friendly service.


Regular customers and customers ordering a larger batch of products at one time can count on favorable discounts.


Why is it worth cooperating with CHEMTEX?


  • A well-known, trusted brand that you can trust.
  • Fast, convenient and professional order handling.
  • We care for our regular customers, ensuring a satisfactory cooperation.
  • We are flexible and open to any suggestions and needs of our recipients.
Please feel free to contact us