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    Adhesives for paper and cardboard

Adhesives for paper and cardboard

Chemtex is not only a flexographic ink, but also a high-quality adhesive for paper and cardboard, based on polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, dextrins and ethyl and acrylic copolymer. We make sure that these products do not contain solvents harmful to health and that they have PZH approvals that allow them to stick packages with food. The product purchased from us is intended for immediate use.


Thanks to the large production capacity, each cardboard or paper glue available in our offer can be adapted to the specific requirements of the recipient - in terms of viscosity, density and open gluing time. The products can also be used in a variety of systems and devices. The available products, depending on the type, are used, among others, in:


  • the converting industry,
  • cardboard litholamination,
  • sleeve production,
  • production of prints that are glued sideways - books, calendars and also packaging.


Depending on the type of product selected, you will be able to apply it manually or mechanically.

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