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    Water-soluble flexographic inks

Water-soluble flexographic inks

We offer you high-quality products, including adhesives and varnishes. Chemtex is also a producer of water-based flexographic inks.


Flexographic inks are used for relief printing, which is done with flexible forms, which are mainly produced from a polymer. Printing substances include liquid versions, manufactured on the basis of solvents or water, as well as those free of solvents, which are fixed by UV radiation.


All substances produced by our company are characterized by trouble-free printing on various substrates, even when its structure is not perfectly even. Our water-based inks, thanks to their pigmentation, are perfect for the printing process on paper as well as corrugated board or foil.


We suggest you choose a color:


  • based on the Pantone stencil,
  • based on an electronic template,
  • based on the printed pattern provided by the customer,
  • based on customer supplied wet sample.


Printable Substances:


  • corrugated cardboard,
  • paper bags,
  • bags, handbags, notebooks, forms, envelopes,
  • papers of all kinds,
  • tissue,
  • wallpapers, furniture cladding,
  • PP, PE, OPP, PVC, etc. foils,
  • labels, thimbles and sleeves etc.
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